Now you can find my some of photos on flickr.
I will still maintain my own photo-gallery here. But I will use these two differently, my plan is to use flickr to share photos I don’t find “good” enough for my own gallery or that I can’t fit in a theme.

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  1. Nils, why publish photos that you don’t find good enough at all? If you were selling your pictures you would definetly want to make a name for yourself. By publishing photos under your own name, potential customers will look at them and if they don’t like them they will not use your services, or worse, they will use the pictures you yourself are not happy with and then your name will be even more associated with pictures you don’t want people to associate you with. The girl I bought my camera from always delete pivtures she’s not happy with straight away (on the camera). She earns money from her pictures. I never delete a picture, but I will be picky on what I publish online when I get a website for my pics up and running.

    Btw. I finally found out what’s wrong with my camera, and it is now beeing fixed:-) It was the shutter, it was broken.

  2. Big bro is watching!
    Nice pics little bro 😉

  3. The [at] was missing in the link in my previous comment somehow….

  4. nils says:

    @Bjørge, note the quotation marks around the word good. I will use flickr as a supplement for my own gallery and post photos I can’t seem to fit in a theme, I probably wouldn’t post every blurry or general boring photos.
    Secondly I’m not a professional, I take photos for fun not for selling and I reckon people could find “bad” photos anyway regardless where I publish them. 😉

    Stop spamming bro 😉
    It is probably wordpress that is removing the at-sign of the url.
    Great Dubai pictures though.

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