New theme

I’ve just released my new theme. It is more customized than the previous one and the code is more up to date. I’ve got rid of the sidebar and placed everything in the footer, WordPress didn’t make this easy, it was more work than I expected. Likewise with the comments, who knew it was so much work just to add an extra element.

The are still some tweaking left. I haven’t been to concerned about IE6 this time but the theme should work in the other major browsers.

I’m keeping the random backgrounds for the headers for now even though I admit it could be a bit confusing.

Now I just need to write more here 😉

One Response to “New theme”

  1. As you know I recently changed the design on my blog as well. And yes, it’s quite surprising how much work it actually is to tweak every aspect of a blog template, for instance the comments.

    The comments were actually the main reason for my redesign, because I had completely forgotten about it in the previous design. It’s also the part I’m most satisfied with in the new design.

    I also tried to expose my photography a bit more in my design. I’m not 100% there, but I think a semi-random header is better than the 5 tiny boxes I had on the top earlier.

    And yes, you need to write more 🙂

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